Our Philosophy
To be part of the solution – by building on our past.
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We live in a global world and we seek to connect with those – from Columbia to Bangladesh – who share our vision of being part of the solution. We must work together to find new innovative ways to make textiles a cleaner and greener industry. 

We are inspired by our neighbours in Biella: Cittadellarte, located in a re-invented former mill from the 19th century. Founded by famed Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, the ambitious complex brings together artists, academia, experts, companies and students to explore sustainable practices across all human activities. It stands as an example of the future – for the world, for Biella and for Officina+39. 

Recycrom arose from this unique position: between Biella’s centuries of traditional craftsmanship and Cittadellarte’s aspirations for a greener future.
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