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Officina+39 is a textile chemical company based in Biella, Italy. As a ‘workshop’, we can speedily develop and execute new and sustainable ideas for dyeing, effects and finishing in the garment industry – with denim being our particular passion.
Biella: A millennium of perfecting craft
Welcome to Biella 

Located on the edge of the foothills of the Italian Alps, Biella is in many ways a typical Italian provincial town with low traffic and a high quality of life. But for centuries, it’s been very wired into the rest of the world through its high-end textiles. In medieval times it was part of the ‘wool route’; in contemporary times Biella is tightly linked with world fashion centre Milan – less than one hour away by car. The town also became home to iconic brands such as Fila, Olivetti and Vespa.

Originally, cashmere mills clustered around the many rivers resulting in a scenic balance between the urban and the natural. The mills were attracted to the remarkably ‘soft’ waters – which, in turn, contributed to the dyeing process and the acclaimed ‘hand-feel’ of the final products. 
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While Biella is homebase for world renowned fashion brands Zegna and Cerruti, its other textiles companies are generally specialised family businesses that focus on traditional high-end production and materials. These companies ensure that Biella remains the ‘only district in Europe to preserve the entire textile production chain intact and viable.’

The town’s restaurant and cafes buzz with engaged and real conversations. This is a relaxed town that’s in the business of creating beauty – a beauty not bound to merely expressing wealth or brand worship.
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